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Folgory Exchange: best exchange in terms of liquidity rating according to CoinMarketCap


Folgory is an excellent multifunctional trading platform with huge daily turnovers. The exchange is based in the Seychelles, it was launched in May 2019 and refers to the brand Folgory Corp.

According to CoinMarketCap data, Folgory is the first in the liquidity ranking. And as we know, high liquidity is an ideal condition for trading in the market.

If the exchange has high liquidity, this means that the digital assets traded on it can be easily, quickly and in large volumes bought or sold for real money. The liquidity of each exchange is calculated based on a large selection of factors, including the size of trade orders and their location relative to the average price of the selected asset. Exchanges with a high liquidity ratio provide an opportunity to quickly buy or sell the required asset. The more liquidity, the higher the likelihood that your, even a relatively large order, will be executed in full and in the shortest possible time, while practically not affecting the market price of the selected asset.

Due to the fact that this indicator of the Folgory is even higher than that of the Binance, the exchange attracted our attention. So, I propose to conduct a review of the exchange.

First impression

The home page of the site looks clear, the information is compact. Here the exchange lists its main characteristics: you can buy & sell cryptocurrency, manage your wallet and profile.

Here we can see also that the platform supports the most popular cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance coin and USDT, as well as rarer small cap coins. You will find also such FIAT money as: EUR, GBP, USD. In addition, traders are attracted by low commissions, and a wide range of professional tools for trading and analytics. Also it is important to note the high performance of the exchange.

There is no information on the website of this exchange indicating that US investors prohibited from trading here. Therefore, it is better to find out about this directly from the exchange.

Folgory considered as a fairly large exchange. It can be called one of the fastest growing at the moment.

Folgory has a fully functional mobile app for Android and iOS users as well as the desktop.


So far, there is no a single report that Folgory was the victim of any kind of hack, or suffer due to security vulnerability, although there are many such cases in the industry.

The Folgory team claims to use the most advanced security measures.

Support service

The technical support service presented on the website in the form of a ticket system. So, you can ask a question via e-mail indicated on the website.

The exchange has official accounts on Twitter, Telegram. Support responded only via ticket, to our request in English very quickly – we received a response within 15 minutes.

Additional services. Folgory is the first cryptocurrency exchange with real banking services

Folgory recently received an AEMI license, and as a result became an electronic money institution, under the English management of the FCA. So, the exchange now provides its users with the opportunity to have their own personal IBAN and Debit Card.

To clarify, the crypto debit card will be in conjunction with Folgory’s services and may be requested by an end customer already conducting transactions with coins listed on the Folgory platform.

Folgory Exchange Advantages

Large selection of cryptocurrencies, where there are also quite exotic options that can attract some traders.

Working with FIAT currencies. The exchange provides an opportunity to purchase crypto assets for traditional currencies: USD, EUR, GBP.

Huge liquidity. The exchange ranks first among the most liquid cryptocurrency platforms.

High level of reliability and security. The trading platform provides a high degree of protection for user accounts.

Large trading volumes. The daily trade turnover exceeds $ 350 million.

Low commission fees.

A large set of trading instruments. The platform offers a wide range of professional tools for trading and technical analysis.

Competent and responsive technical support that promptly solves user problems.

Additional services. The trading platform provides its users with access to additional services: IBAN and Debit Card.


The exchange surprises with the pace of its development: the user interface is improving, trading functionality is expanding, new products and services are being launched. Millions of traders around the world use this platform every day, the number of registered users on the Folgory exchange confirms the fact of the rapid development of the crypto platform. But it seems that the exchange is not going to stop there. Judging by the frequency with which new updates and services appear on Folgory, this company has a great future.

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