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First-ever third-person NFT game allows users to play, collect, train and trade their Monsters


First-ever third-person NFT game allows users to play, collect, train and trade their Monsters. Nonfungible tokens (NFTs) have unquestionably become one of the most popular cryptocurrency trends. With billions of dollars in sales, the most essential thing to address is where the industry will go next.

NFT-based games may be summed up in three words. Players may gather in-game items and exchange them inside the game’s ecology in this current online gaming perspective. Users can build revenue streams in a play-to-earn NFT game since they are rewarded tokens (and perhaps NFTs) as they play longer. These tokens are thoughtfully included in the game’s creation process and distributed at key moments.

Current games lack the challenge and perplexity that new players encounter when they first enter the area. Many of these are difficult to understand and require a prior understanding of the blockchain and its characteristics. Furthermore, the decentralised gaming world might appear to be an “elitist club,” only accessible to those with sufficient financial resources. Finally, many games do not adequately compensate players for the amount of time they must devote to win.

Monsters Clan, a pay-to-win game, takes players to a new “Monsterverse,” in which the platform aims to overcome all of these obstacles.

Monsters Clan is a virtual monsters NFT game based on the Monsters’ culture. Users can choose to own, train, or compete with their monsters in several fight types in return for digital currency and other NFTs on Monsters Clan. We can describe the Monsters Clan game as “the first-ever third-person NFT play-to-earn game in the blockchain”. As well as “the first-ever NFT combat game enabling users to control their Monster avatars in every fight”.

Diving into the “Monsterverse”

Monsters Clan has created a splash with its notion of NFT renting, which will aid in the development of a suitable MONS game economic model, among other firsts.

Users may now rent the digital asset in the same way that they would rent a home property. The team’s objective is to provide “easy, enjoyment, and features to any player that is playing the Monsters clan NFT game.” Any hurdles to entry, including the need to purchase an NFT in order to play the game, are erasable when you rent an NFT. Gamers who can’t afford to buy NFTs may rent them at a cheaper price than they can buy them, while NFT investors can earn passive revenue.

The Polygon Network and the Binance (BNB) Smart Chain power the Monsters Clan imaginary world. Players can begin by acquiring a monster of their own to get access to this environment. In addition to Monsters, users may purchase potions in the Laboratory to generate new baby Monsters.

The MONS token, which is native to the platform, gives players extra features. Such as governance rights and a currency in the Monsters Clan economy. Monsters Clan has expressed interest in implementing a new staking technique.

The MONS tokens’ purpose is to allow members of the community “to be a part of a flourishing and self-sustaining game economy”.

Developments in progress

PVP, Tournaments, Clans, Fighting, and AI Mode will all be available in Monsters Clan as a fighting game. To ensure an auditable source of randomness between fight encounters, the platform incorporates the Chainlink Verifiable Random Function (VRF) on the Polygon blockchain.

The platform has also announced new developments for the fourth quarter of 2021, including the launch of the Monsters Clan NFT Marketplace, an NFT Lottery Program, an Alpha Release of the Monsters Clan Game, and new partnerships with well-known gaming companies, all of which will help them further their mission.

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