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Ethereum will rise to $ 10,500 by 2022?


In the last week of January, the largest altcoin and the leading token of smart-contracts Ethereum kept its investors in tension, who expected to break through to the level above $ 3,000. Ethereum pushed up and entered into the growth leader among the top ten coins, leaving Bitcoin behind and charting the way to a new record maximum of $ 1,481. However, soon after this, a correction was made, during which the maintenance was tested at the level of $ 1,200. Despite pulling back from the highs, the coin has good potential. For institutional traders, Ethereum has even established itself as an alternative to Bitcoin.

Ethereum rate 2021

Since the beginning of 2021 the ETH rate has doubled. And over the past 12 months the increase has been about 800%. Plus, Ethereum’s volume on centralized exchanges has dropped to its lowest level in the last fifteen months.  Usually is a good sign. Traders are not going to sell coins and withdraw them to wallets for long-term storage. Thus, as in the case of bitcoin, investors want to keep the coin, and not speculate with it in order to make money quickly.

Other criteria, such as the number of searches on Google or the difficulty of mining, have also reached new heights.

Recently, the voices of ETH enthusiasts, who consider the currency undervalued, have become more active. They provide various characteristics and indicators to support their forecasts.


It is possible that ETH will update record levels in 2021. Some analysts predict that by the end of 2021 ETH will grow to $ 10,500. In addition to Ethereum, in recent days, many altcoins have shown steady growth. So, Dogecoin and Polkadot have doubled in price. The cryptocurrency continues to gain popularity among investors, analysts believe that 2021 could be the year of an influx of institutional assets into the crypto market.

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