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Ethereum documentary featuring Vitalik Buterin raises $1.9M in 3 days


The authors of the documentary about Ethereum managed to raise $ 1.96 million in two days to shoot the picture. The filmmakers accepted donations in the Ethereum cryptocurrency. In total, users donated 1.03 thousand digital coins. Thus, the financial campaign to raise funds for the production of the film exceeded all expectations. The film scheduled to premiere in 2023.

On the page for receiving funds said that in the spring the filmmakers talked with Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin and Ethereum Foundation executive director Aya Miyaguchi. The picture will show the application of the Ethereum blockchain in the real world. As well as the community of developers and enthusiasts who support the project.

The filmmakers will donate 2% of the funds raised to offset carbon emissions. Another 3% they will donate to the Gitcoin Foundation, which provides grants to developers of projects on Ethereum.

Users who sponsored the filming will be able to see their names in the credits or on the project’s website. It depending on the amount donated. The top 20 sponsors also received animated movie posters in the form of NFT tokens. Which created by digital artist pplpleasr.

In total, the fundraising campaign raised 662 sponsors who contributed through the Mirror, a decentralized crypto network. “We are overwhelmed by the community’s support. In 3 days we have surpassed our goal”, said the creators of the project.

About the film “Ethereum: The Infinite Garden”

What if we could create a world in which every transaction decentralized? Where art buying, voting, fundraising, and even social media not controlled by a central company or middleman, but rather an open source community-driven network where the code runs without interference. In 2013, Vitalik Buterin, an 18-year-old bitcoin enthusiast and tech writer, proposed tools to make this future possible. Less than ten years later, thousands of developers have contributed to the creation of the Ethereum ecosystem: a technology that allows applications to be decentralized, including, but not limited to, money. For many, Ethereum creates internet value.

But as Ethereum grows in size and popularity, it faces growing pressure from front-line competitors, hype markets, and criticism for its scalability and power consumption. Led by a global research and development team, the drive to update the platform could respond to criticism and unleash the technology’s full potential … or it could disrupt the still nascent $ 300 billion network.

ETHEREUM: THE INFINITE GARDEN is a full-length documentary about innovative applications of the Ethereum blockchain in the real world, the community of enthusiasts and developers, and its creator, Vitalik Buterin, whose vision of the Internet can change the world.

“In this film, we view Ethereum as an ‘endless garden’. Instead of thinking of Ethereum as a machine controlled by a central brain, we see it as a decentralized ecosystem with soil, plants and insects to take care of for this garden to grow and flourish, ”the filmmakers said.

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