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Etherescan adds new messaging feature for anons: ‘Blockscan Chat’


The company behind the popular blockchain explorer and analytics tool Etherscan has built “Blockscan Chat,” an Ethereum-based wallet-to-wallet instant chat service.

Blockscan is now in beta testing mode. And it allows users to have instant wallet-to-wallet conversations, access chats from many devices. As well as block spammy or unwanted addresses, and receive notifications when messages are received on the block explorer.

While the new feature is a great way to communicate with other anonymous people — for example, to negotiate an anonymous purchase — it could be especially useful in dealing with whitehat hackers who have embedded messages in Ethereum transactions to communicate with individuals and exploited crypto platforms.

Last week’s Multichain attack, in which a purported whitehat hacker returned 322 Ether (while keeping a high finder’s fee). And last year’s $610 million PolyNetwork both incorporated anon conversation via Ethereum transactions as part of discussions between the perpetrator and victims.

Besides, Etherescan teased the new feature with a tweet on Jan. 26 that said, “Wonder what this is for…?” and included a screenshot of the platform’s messaging notifications.

This service is valuable in the NFT market

A service like this could be valuable in the NFT market. In addition to appealing to hackers to return funds in exchange for a bounty.

Additionally, according to Twitter user “bdmartino,” the capability could be in use to negotiate NFT purchases between buyers and sellers. And if the transaction was completed through a decentralised exchange, both parties would save money on NFT platform charges like OpenSea.

According to Blockscan, their data stored by “global hosting providers” with servers located around the world. With inactive data deleted after 24 months.

It also states that the information will not be for sale to third parties. But rather shared or transferred to partners such as data warehouses, IT service providers, and data analytics companies.

According to its terms of service, any user violates its permissible use regulations. You may be barred from utilising some or all of Blockscan and Etherscan’s services if you give fraudulent, incorrect, or misleading information.

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