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Dogecoin founder speaks out against meme coins


Billy Markus, the founder of the Dogecoin (DOGE), attacked the crypto shills through a series of tweets, apparently annoyed by the volume of meme coin spammers filling his Twitter conversations.

Markus explains how DOGE began more than eight years ago as a real meme mocking “idiotic currencies.” The author, however, points out that today’s meme coins are no longer memes. “They’re manufactured by people attempting to make money off the backs of other people trying to make money,” Markus wrote.

Moreover, Markus went on a rant about Binance Smart Chain tokens, which he brought up again. These cryptos, he claims, have “made the internet worse in every manner.” He also stated that he doesn’t mind if people want to bet, but asked that spam adverts be removed from his posts. Finally, he stated that these insignificant advertisements “make the internet less fun.”

In like manner, the messages were seen by many of Markus’ over one million Twitter followers, who echoed Markus’ frustrations. The spam advertising is “sickening,” according to Twitter user Tuanskiii1.

Despite the fact that the DOGE founder expressed his points very clearly, meme coin spammers continued to flood the thread with more meme coin adverts.

Dogecoin started to rank within the top 10 cryptos by market capitalization back in January 2021. At press time, DOGE is trading at $0.11 per token. Retaining its spot as the top nine cryptos by market capitalization despite being down 17% on the day.

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