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DigitalArt4Climate announce competition winners at COP26


On Nov. 11, a panel of global thought leaders and blockchain visionaries gathered in Glasgow, Scotland for the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) summit to reveal the finalists and winners of the DigitalArt4Climate competition.

In fact, DigitalArt4Climate is a multi-faceted crypto climate campaign, coordinated by IAAI GloCha in conjunction with the UN-Habitat youth programme, that allows the worldwide community of artists to create nonfungible token (NFT) works that are intrinsically focused on lobbying for climate action.

Furthermore, the panellists shared an array of projects and ideas for the use of clean, carbon-efficient technologies to support imminent environmental challenges, which was moderated by Romi Sumaria, CEO of The Oblique Life, and attended by Irina Karagyuar, Head of Metaverse Growth at Unique Network, Miroslav Polzer, Founder of DigitalArt4Climate, and others.

Miroslav Polzer, the founder of GloCha and DigitalArt4Climate, as well as the respected COP26 presenter, stated that the competition had received 208 submissions from 58 nations. The artists used a wide range of conventional and technical instruments and materials, from computerised acrylic and mural paintings to artificial intelligence and generative art, according to the report.

DigitalArt4Climate has teamed with Artgence, an environmentally-conscious metaverse place. In order to showcase the work of the 30 finalists on digital billboards. And on the project’s website throughout the COP26 meeting. To design a virtual gallery that is three-dimensional and emotionally engaging.

Besides, in support of the seventeen UN Sustainable Development Goals and Agenda 2030, the remarkable collection is planned to be auctioned off individually on June 5th, 2022. Which is observed worldwide as World Environment Day.

On the other hand, Miroslav Polzer expressed a philosophical perspective on how aesthetic perception might help us see universal difficulties, saying:

“We feel that by admiring art, we are seeing humanity’s hardships and brilliance. And by making art, we are surrendering to our own genius.”

The four competition winners chosen by an online public vote, with the special winner position chosen by consortium members.

Digital ecological artist from the Philippines won first place

Bricx Martillo Dumas, a digital ecological artist from the Philippines, won first place for his work Nexus. Which depicts a human hand clutching a plastic bag containing a blue-coloured drink and straw. As well as a cigarette whose smoke drifts into the atmosphere as small leaves.

Martillo talked passionately about the necessity of communal ownership in pursuing climate change. Citing his life-changing experience of Typhoon Haiyan in his hometown of the Philippines in November 2013. As the underlying cause for his environmental urge for climate action.

Amir Karimi of Iran, Ekaterina Lestienne of France. As well as Chloé Hajjar of the United States shared second place in the competition. For their works Every Second Lake, The Wildfire, and Allegory of Survival, respectively.

Finally, for their mural artwork, Team Spirit in Kenya, Mathare Roots and the Graffiti Girls from Mlango Kubwa received the competition’s special honour, the consortium’s sole choice.

Additionally, Lestienne, the second-placed artist, provided the audience with profound insights into her piece’s visual ideology.

“My rich, intricate, textured digital collage speaks to the multifaceted essence of the globe. And can be a clue of the severe climatic disasters ripping our fragile and lovely planet apart.”

Sustainable and technologically progressive ecosystem

Later in the conference, Irina Karagyuar, the Head of Metaverse Growth at Unique Network, talked eloquently about the significance of uniting mankind. As a collective force in order to create a sustainable and technologically progressive ecosystem for the future generation.

“From our shared forebears, we’ve inherited amazing legacies. Let us become the forefathers and mothers of future generations. Let’s live a life full of passion, vulnerability, and defiance. Let’s take a close look at completely new approaches and tools for making the world a better place. Allow our life to serve as a record of humanity’s effect on the world.”

The United Nations chose Unique Network, a parachain project in the Kusama and Polkadot ecosystem. In order to conduct an NFT climate effort in August 2021.

Users may now claim an ecologically friendly free NFT asset called Global Angel by visiting the DigitalArt4Climate website. The artwork, which made possible by Unique Network and is based on Polkadot Relay Chain, represents a message of unity between our real and digital worlds.

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