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Decentralized exchange aggregator trading volumes surge to new highs


Over the last several weeks, trading volumes on prominent decentralised exchange (DEX) aggregators have soared to new highs.

Token traders and swappers can use decentralised exchange aggregators to search many DEX platforms for the best swap prices available at the time.

Popular DEX aggregators like 1inch, 0x, and Paraswap have witnessed increased volumes in the last month, according to Dune data. Last week, the aggregate volume for those three touched an all-time weekly high of $6 billion, up approximately 50% from the beginning of November.

DEX aggregator weekly volumes – dune.xyz

1inch has a slight lead in terms of current market share, with 53%, but 0x is swiftly coming up, with 42% in December so far. 1inch secured $175 million in a Series B investment deal headed by Amber Group last week.

According to Dune, 0x actually overtook 1inch in terms of daily volume share on Dec. 5, with 49% vs 43.7%. The DEX aggregator has handled $3 billion in volume during the last seven days, according to 0xTracker.

DeFi developers may leverage 0x’s application programming interface (API) to incorporate token swaps from prominent DEXes directly into smart contracts.

Matcha, a native DEX for the 0x protocol, has handled $4.7 billion in transaction volume over the last 30 days, according to its dashboard.

The aggregator holds a 20% portion of that volume

According to Dune’s DEX data, trade activity on decentralised exchanges reached $4 billion in the last 24 hours and $33 billion in the previous week. Currently, the aggregator holds a 20% portion of that volume.

According to Dune, Uniswap is the current DEX market leader by a wide margin, with a 79% dominance. Over the last week, it has processed $26.2 billion in trade activity. SushiSwap, which was cloned from Uniswap, is in the second position with a 9.8% market share.

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