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CryptoPunks creators sign with top Hollywood agents, as sales top $305M in a week


CryptoPunks creators sign with top Hollywood agents, as sales top $305M in a week. In like Manner, Larva Labs, the team that founded the shockingly widespread NFT project CryptoPunks, has signed a deal with Hollywood agents United Talent Agency (UTA).

Reportedly, on Aug. 31, UTA announced that it would market Larva Labs for (IP) deals in TV, film, video games, licensing, and publishing. Likewise, UTA will also represent Meebits and Autoglyphs, two NFT-related projects from Larva Labs.

Blockchain-based NFT project CryptoPunks was initially launched on Ethereum back in 2017. The IP-related deal with UTA represents a remarkable step forward for Larva Labs. As it appears to be the cornerstone of content created in the blockchain sector. Which became part of the mainstream entertainment industry.

Over the last year, the CryptoPunks project has been gaining popularity amid the boom of interest in the NFT sector. Generating $2.5 billion in sales in the first six months of this year.

CryptoPunks’ website indicates that in the past seven days, Larva Labs OG NFTs generated $ 304.8 million worth of sales. Totalling a formidable $1.18 billion in total sales since 2017. At the time of publishing, the lowest CryptoPunk price is currently 115 Ethereum (ETH), worth approximately $391,000.

Various public figures made CryptoPunks their home

As a matter of fact, Various public figures have reportedly made CryptoPunks their home. Including rapper Jay Z, electronic dance musician Steve Aoki, and entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk. The leading payments technology firm, Visa, reportedly purchased CryptoPunk 7610. Which depicts a female with a mohawk, clown green eyes, and lipstick, for $49.50 ETH at a price of $150,000.

Currently, there are 10K CryptoPunks NFTs, which were computer-generated from a group of unique features creating the individual pixel art avatars. Originally, they were free. In April of this year, TechCrunch reported that a collector named “mr703” had grabbed 703 Punks at initial launch, a collection now worth tens of millions of dollars.

Meebites and Autoglyphs are also on the table

CryptoPunks is not the only NFT project in Larva Labs’ portfolio that follows a computer-generated route. Furthermore, Larva Labs launched The Meebits NFTs this May. Which composed of 20,000 idiosyncratic 3D voxel characters built for use in the Metaverse and NFT gaming.

In addition, Larva Labs also launched Autoglyphs project earlier in 2019. In which users generate a “Glyph” by giving 0.20 ETH ($687) to Larva Labs’ charity organization, 350.org, an entity aimed at combating climate change.

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