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Cryptocurrency trading platform Crypto.com to debut UFC NFTs


Crypto.com, a cryptocurrency trading and payments platform, announced the launch of the first approved UFC nonfungible token on Tuesday (NFT).

The UFC‘s new NFT series will contain digital collectibles, according to the press release. Such as paintings from fight nights, event posters, championship rings, fighter identities, and avatars are just a few examples.

Besides, on Thursday, the “UFC 268 Packs” collection of NFTs will be made accessible. The fight posters and belt designs for the forthcoming battle “UFC 268: Usman vs. Covington 2” will be used to promote the event. The NFTs will be available for purchase “while supplies last” to fans.

UFC, the world’s largest mixed martial arts entertainment company, secured a $175 million sponsorship contract with Crypto.com in July. Dana White, the president of the UFC, revealed the deal during a news conference at Madison Square Garden in New York City. According to him, this was the organization’s biggest sponsorship contract to date.

The collaboration is a major step forward

The partnership is an important step forward in the merging of cryptocurrency and the sports business. The global fan base of UFC, which has over 625 million followers globally, is of great interest to Crypto.com.

Matt Damon, a well-known actor known for films like Elysium, The Bourne trilogy, and others, recently teamed with Crypto.com. In addition, the Montreal Canadiens of the National Hockey League, Formula One, the Philadelphia 76ers of the National Basketball Association, the Italian Serie A football league, Paris Saint-Germain, and renowned singer Snoop Dogg have all partnered with Crypto.com.

Furthermore, all official UFC memorabilia and products maybe purchased through the Crypto.com secure app market. Which allows fans to purchase NFTs with its native token, CRO. As well, other popular cryptocurrencies via this existing operational payment system.

“UFC is a major global sports brand with legions of ardent followers worldwide,” said Kris Marszalek, co-founder and CEO of Crypto.com. We’re also glad to use our technologies to create new fan engagement options as well as collectable security”. He went on to say that the firm wants to “assist UFC fans in protecting and engaging with their memorabilia”.

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