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Crypto exchange’s Twitter gets hacked by ‘disgruntled employee’


A hacker appears to have gained access to the Russian crypto exchange Latoken‘s Twitter account, where he began spreading false information about the exchange. The exchange is allegedly promoting “scam IEOs” and deceiving its clients, according to the posts.

The account’s profile picture changed to a scam warning image, while the bio on Twitter altered to “LATOKEN is the premier SCAM platform!” Employees receive unfair treatment by the exchange, according to the hacker, and they lose their jobs for no cause.

The hacker further accused the exchange of attempting to “scam money out of projects” by predicting 100%–500% growth but failing to deliver. Valentin Preobrazhensky, the founder of Latoken, also referred to as a “liar” and “face salesman” by the hacker.

Apart from Latoken, LADEX’s official Twitter account was also hacked, as was the company’s decentralised exchange concept. The hacker shared a video of the Latoken CEO cursing someone on the other end of the line during an online conference.

The hacker also mentioned Trust Pilot’s poor rating on Latoken, which is only two stars out of five. However, a Trust Pilot warning letter claims that the site discovered abuse on Latoken’s page, claiming that it found a number of bogus reviews.

“Disgruntled employee”

In response to the attack, Latoken’s official Telegram account sent an update informing subscribers of the event. The exchange believes the charges made by a “disgruntled employee”. And that its staff is working with Twitter to resolve the issue.

Recently, a number of cryptocurrency YouTube accounts fell under attack. Hackers released videos instructing viewers to donate money to the hacker’s wallet using the accounts of well-known figures. Including BitBoy Crypto, Box Mining, Ivan on Tech, and even boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr. Fortunately, many of the account owners were able to quickly locate and delete the videos.

A similar attack happened in 2020, when notable people’s Twitter accounts hacked. A Bitcoin (BTC) thief hacked the official accounts of Elon Musk, Kanye West, Bill Gates, and others. Claiming to double any cryptocurrency given to a certain wallet address.

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