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Crypto developer will lead Twitter’s decentralized social media initiative


Investing in development, experimentation and prototyping is something every large company should have. Large companies sometimes create strange products and spend resources on various research. Some of these experiments bring developments that are used immediately, other ideas may become relevant years later, some remain in the archives altogether; but this is a useful and necessary practice. Twitter is no exception and creates another social network, Bluesky.

This is an attempt to develop a decentralized social network. And it looks like the experiment is accelerating the pace of development. This is how the head of Bluesky became known, which became Jay Graber. Graber best known for her work at the Electric Coin Company. She worked in transaction security solutions.

Jay Graber will head Bluesky, one of the Twitter divisions that will develop the decentralized internet project.

Note that Graber recently won a grant from the Ethereum Foundation to continue her efforts through a project called InterRep. This project aims to ensure that the accounts you interact with on social networks are “reputable”; but with an emphasis on privacy and decentralization.

Bluesky has moved from the dead point

For the first time, the company’s CEO Jack Dorsey announced the creation of Bluesky in December 2019. Now, supposedly, there are all the resources to start implementing this plan. According to him, the goal of the project is to create technologies that will change the way social networks work, making them decentralized. Graber’s appointment shows that active work on the project can begin in the near future.

In addition to leading Happening experience, Graber has worked on Zcash, a cryptocurrency created by the Electric Coin Company. In January, she also published a report detailing her research on decentralized web systems. While the report does not explain how Bluesky will operate, it highlights a number of areas that Graber and her team will focus on first when the project involves a protocol developer and a web developer.

Together, programmers and analysts intend to develop common standards for the operation of social networks that would meet all the challenges of modern reality.

It is unclear whether Bluesky will build on existing decentralized projects like the ActivityPub used by Mastodon, or if it will be built from scratch.

Decentralized network

As it became known, the most prominent problem of social networks is the global use of information that misleads users. Also, according to the statement, the new project intends to challenge the centralized application of global politics.

The idea of ​​a decentralized web sounds controversial. Almost everything that tried to use the blockchain (except for cryptocurrencies) turned out to be less practical and more resource-intensive, in comparison with the usual server structure with “central links”. Even Twitter admits that the project is experimental. And even if the social network itself does not become popular or does not reach the stage of public release at all, developments from it in the future can be used on Twitter. Suddenly, in the future, Twitter decides to compete with YouTube, Netflix Or take away browser games from Facebook, and the elements of the blockchain that ensure the protection of transactions will be a good addition.

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