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Cosmos launches an experimental Sagan blockchain


Cosmos cross-chain network is developing a Sagan blockchain. The purpose of the new blockchain is to test new protocols before launching them on the main network.

At the end of the Cosmos video presentation, a quote from the famous American astronomer Carl Sagan appears, as well as an image of a canary. The latter symbolizes the Canary Network – an experimental network by analogy with Kusama from Polkadot.

There is a difference between testnets and canary networks, such as Kusama and Sagan. Because testnet tokens typically have no monetary value; they replicate the technical side of the main blockchain but not its actual environment. Tokens on canary networks, on the other hand; have real value and thus come much closer to mimicking the real world. This increases the incentive for people to discover bugs and potential exploits.

Emeris platform

During the presentation, Cosmos also announced a partnership with gaming company Forte. Forte, according to a source familiar with the situation, invests an unnamed amount in the project.

In December, Cosmos will launch the Emeris cross-blockchain platform of decentralized applications with farming and staking capabilities. One of the main functions of the new project will be the possibility of inter-network transfer of assets using the inter-blockchain communication (IBC) protocol Cosmos.

The main part of Emeris works in the browser and the first public version in this sense will be centralized. However, the developer did not rule out that in the future the application will transfer to the Akash Network cloud hosting platform.

The beta version

In July, the beta version of Emeris was released; in which developers focused on cross-chain operations for the decentralized finance (DeFi) segment. The starting line of supported circuits included Cosmos Hub, Crypto.com, Cash Network, Iris Net, Persistence, Osmosis, Regen Network and Sentinel.

Outside of the Cosmos ecosystem, the Ethereum blockchain is the focus of attention. To do this, developers implemented the Cosmos Gravity Bridge, which allows tokens to move between the Cosmos and Ethereum chains.

The developers also presented a mobile application and their own browser wallet – the beta version supported only Keplr Wallet.

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