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Coinbase signs new $1.36M contract with US Customs Enforcement agency


The US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has signed a contract with Coinbase. The contract is for the supply of “business applications” and “software for application development”.

The value of the deal signed on September 16 was $1.36 million. Which is about 40 times more than the previous agreement with the Ministry. Thus, it became the largest federal contract of the Bitcoin exchange.

ICE is not the first government agency to use the services

In August, ICE paid Coinbase $29,000 for analytical software. In the relevant document, the company was called “the only supplier that can provide the services required by the agency on reasonable terms”.

ICE is not the first government agency to use the services of Coinbase. In 2020, the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) became interested in the company’s products.

They planned to use the Coinbase Analytics software, previously known as Neutrino.

About Neutrino & Hacking Team

Coinbase acquired Neutrino in 2019 for $13.5 million (12 million euros). After the purchase, the Bitcoin community criticized the company. The founders of the Italian startup were involved in Hacking Team project, which sold spyware to dictatorial regimes.

Italian programmers have created a remote control system, which is actually a malicious Trojan. This allows you to remotely access files, record keystrokes, take photos, and also read mail on infected devices. During its activity, Hacking Team sold services to dictatorial regimes in Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Sudan, Kazakhstan, Bahrain and Turkey.

In 2013, the influential international non-governmental organization Reporters Without Borders named Hacking Team one of the five “enemies of the Internet”, because of its role in the persecution of journalists. But this did not help stop the distribution of the company’s products.

In 2014, the UN commission launched an investigation into the involvement of Hacking Team in violating the ban on the supply of weapons to Sudan, considering the software developed by the team as a kind of weapon. As a result, Coinbase had to respond to criticism by firing former members of Hacking Team.

Later, Coinbase signed contracts with the US Secret Service and the IRS.

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