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Codego – The most innovative Fintech 2021


The pandemic has fueled the fintech area with absolute digitization. Many people have obtained financial aids, as well as the free time to begin new companies. Which resulted in a fintech boom during the period followed the COVID-19 pandemic. However, despite COVID-19, the fintech business remained strong. Nonetheless, the industry’s expansion visioned with complexity and unbalance. Hence, a solid balance between the industry’s potentials and the related problems became crucial. However, despite all the difficulties, the business’s coherence and adaptability were impressive. It is definite that the fintech industry will have a significant impact on the modern economy. Although the industry is still in its early stages of development, the possibilities to help economies have been immense.

With that being said, now is an excellent opportunity to enter the fintech business, with the lowest possible cost of money.

Codego was founded in 2020 with the goal of assisting companies and individuals entering the fintech business in the most efficient, dependable, and safe manner possible. With its diverse services and products, as well as well-educated professionals, Codego was able to rise in only one year by providing comprehensive core banking services.

Codego provides a technology base for FinTech startups that is quick, simple, and product-rich. Today, industry leaders trust Codego to provide a collection of world-class products that combine security and connection, flexibility and ease. In addition, it ensures that its clients’ expectations are met by delivering efficient functionality and integrations.

Whether customers want to start their own financial services, e-wallet, or aim to seamlessly integrate FinTech solutions into their product offering, Codego has a wide range of products and platforms to choose from. With its offices located in four vital spots of the world (London, UK – Palermo, Italy – Cork, Ireland – and Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt).

Core Banking White Label Solution

You may rely on Codego’s branded “Banking-as-a-Service” software. Whether you require a Core Banking System or need to integrate FinTech services into an existing offering. With its diversity of services, Codego offers you the best SEPA gateway for your EEA payments. As well as real-time payments in EEA countries. As well as faster and worldwide payment in multicurrency and more.

Cards Management

With Virtual and plastic cards, card management system, and authorization server, Codego supports its clients with the options to offer their customers the freedom to buy online and offline. As well as issuing and managing cards, process transactions, and setup fees. In addition to managing balances, currencies, chargeback and much more within one service.

Personalized digital banking

The customer may set up a bank in a matter of weeks thanks to the linkages and white label bank products. From the start, the client will have a ready-to-use solution with amazing web interfaces. IOS and Android mobile applications, an administrative control panel, APIs, and more. Additionally, the client has the possibility to open personal and corporate accounts in all EEA countries in multicurrency.

Top Services

Codego offers white label core banking. In addition to two crypto exchanges for listing crypto coins with good liquidity. Besides, the ability to create a prepaid card or debit card for the client’s company fully branded with the logo and name.

You shouldn’t wait any longer to enter the fintech business. Especially with successful and highly reliable companies like Codego on the market. So don’t be too anxious to start, try new things, and keep pushing forward and developing.

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