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Cardano Foundation and The University of Zurich expand academic blockchain research


Cardano Foundation, a non-profit organisation, has announced a three-year agreement with the University of Zurich’s Blockchain Center (UZH BCC) to further research efforts and investigate the growth of blockchain education.

The foundation will collaborate with the University of Zurich’s Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies (BDLT) Group on research areas such as consensus protocol efficacy and attack vectors particular to Ouroboros.

According to Cardano Foundation CEO Frederik Gregaard, the agreement allows the foundation to supply information to UZH BCC. In order to increase the university’s expertise in the Cardano platform while also allowing Cardano to continue to develop. Gregaard also stated:

“As blockchain goes from the periphery to the mainstream, more academic study is crucial to improve comprehension and, eventually, adoption. This is why education has been designated as a Foundation priority for the coming year.”

Cardano Foundation’s involvement is “invaluable to the co-creation of research questions and methodology,” according to Dr. Claudio Tessone, a professor at the UZH.

The advancement of the blockchain area is their organization’s mission, according to Tessone. He explained, “Our goal is to connect micro-behaviour to global features of blockchain-based systems.”

At the recent MENA Climate Week event, organised by the United Nations and the Dubai government, the necessity of blockchain education also emphasised. The panellists agreed that the climate action community requires more instructional and informational content.

Institutions are flocking to the Cardano platform, according to a study from an intelligence firm. In March 2022, the total volume of Cardano (ADA) transactions over $100,000 surged by 51x.

Cardano Foundation reached a goal of planting 1M trees

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