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Canopus.network – a choice in favor of the future


Canopus.network is a decentralized, transparent and public protocol that runs on the Avalanche Ecosystem. This is undoubtedly an advantage of the platform, as Avalanche nodes are extremely green, economical and available to launch for people around the world. The platform specializes in token issuance, synthetic staking between chains, interoperability, and other interesting cross-chain features in development.

Canopus is an open galactic protocol that allows assets and liquidity to be transferred between blockchains, offers exchanges for cross-chain token auctions as well as over-the-counter transactions.

We also note such features of Canopus as: low volatility; secure applications; faster completion; intuitive design; less expensive transactions with higher throughput.

The protocol is decentralized, which implies the main advantages of the project – remote access for users and lack of control by regulatory authorities. An important feature of Canopus is that the protocol programs are aimed at respecting the interests of users.

In addition, Canopus allows customers to raise funds for their projects without permits and a compatible environment using the Avalanche blockchain.

About Avalanche

Avalanche is an open source platform for running decentralized financial applications and implementing enterprise and public blockchains in one interoperable, highly scalable ecosystem. Developers using Avalanche can easily create fast, reliable and secure applications and custom blockchain networks with customizable complex rulesets, or use existing solutions in the form of private and public subnets.

Token OPUS

The team also released their own OPUS token, which has a limited supply with a maximum value of 1 billion tokens. Commissions are burned, which increases the OPUS deficit.

The main function of OPUS is to participate in the decentralized management of the protocol and determine future developments.

The Canopus protocol works similarly to popular decentralized exchanges. Thus, Canopus uses pools to act as a derivatives counterparty.

As soon as the user takes a position in one of these pools, a position and a liquidity token are created, reflecting the position of both parties involved in the transaction. This token can then be used by its holder like any other digital asset, for example, to trade his position with another party.

The protocol management is designed to be completely decentralized by using the OPUS token to manage the protocol, while the pool management will be autonomous depending on the parameters of the smart contract.

Product Based on OPUS Token

The total digital payments segment is expected to reach $ 5 + trillion by 2022, of which crypto payments could account for 2-3% of total payments ($ 100-150 billion) according to a study by The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU).

1. Canopus Plastic Card

a. • Lack of a developed infrastructure for accepting cryptocurrency as a means of payment in event life;

b. • The collection of significant foreign exchange fees (up to 10% of the purchase amount) by financial institutions when spending abroad using conventional fiat debit or credit cards.


c. • CANOPUS provides clients with beautifully designed CANOPUS Plastic Cards;

d. • Cashback up to 10% back in a highly liquid token with great potential for price growth;

e. • Possibility to pay with OPUS token using instant conversion to fiat funds;

f. • Spending abroad at ideal interbank exchange rates – no margins;

OPUS Token Allows:

g. • Order CANOPUS VISA Card Gold holding 1000 CANOPUS;

h. • Customers pay for the annual service of the cards;

i. • Possibility to pay with OPUS token using instant conversion to fiat funds;

j. • Receive 10% cashback back on all expenses in CANOPUS token every time he makes a transaction with his CANOPUS VISA Card.

2. Canopus Wallet

a. • Currently, it is difficult for clients to spend cryptocurrency in the real world. And there is no way to manage expenses and secure them using a mobile application.


b. • CANOPUS wallet provides a secure, convenient and elegantly designed application for clients, with the help of which they make the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies;

c. • The application allows customers to manage their CANOPUS assets, and also allows them to send CANOPUS to other users of the system with a minimum commission;

d. • Conversion of cryptocurrency to fiat (US dollars, euros, pounds sterling, RUB, Lira).


e. • Receive a 25% discount on cryptocurrency exchange within the application;

f. • Vote to add the token / cryptocurrency to CANOPUS wallet.

3. Canopus Credit

a. • Customers can expect long-term appreciation in the value of the cryptocurrency they own and want to benefit from owning acquired cryptocurrency assets without converting them to fiat.


b. • CANOPUS loan provides users with instant access to cash without having to sell their cryptocurrency assets;

c. • CANOPUS loan is a lending platform that allows users to use their cryptocurrency assets to secure a loan;

d. • Clients can obtain a loan using their crypto assets as collateral.


e. • Get a lower interest rate (APR) when holding a certain amount of CANOPUS for a certain period;

f. • Get a loan when using the CANOPUS token as collateral.

4. Canopus Staking

a. • Clients who own cryptocurrencies want to benefit from their assets while retaining ownership.


b. • Clients can earn up to 20% per annum in CANOPUS by holding them on 360 days in your wallet;

c. • Clients can hold their crypto assets as USDT and earn.


d. • Get the best interest rate (APR) with CANOPUS holding;

e. • Get the best annual interest rate by holding CANOPUS tokens.


In principle, we can say that Canopus platform is an environment in which everyone wins.

Compared to others, Canopus pools offer projects several advantages: stable price; predictable results; more informed investors; reliability; fair distribution of tokens; in addition to the sale of tokens – OTC trading, auctions, sales from the white list.

Thus, we see that the platform is aimed at investors who have appreciated the opportunities presented by the platform. They praise Canopus’ ease of use and a set of useful features.

Technically, Canopus is a blockchain-based protocol. Blockchain technology has become increasingly relevant and popular over the past decade, with disruptive use cases in almost all sectors. So much so that the size of the global market is expected to exceed $ 39 billion by 2025. As such, the financial sector can make the greatest contribution to this growth, especially with the rise of DeFi.

In addition to this, over time, the Canopus protocol will be continuously improved, as the project team notes, at least in order to adapt to changing token standards and new technologies.

Therefore, making a choice in favor of Canopus.network means making a choice in favor of the future.

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