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CA lawmaker introduces legislation to accept crypto as payment for govt services


Senator Sydney Kamlager of California’s 30th Senate District, which covers portions of downtown Los Angeles, has presented legislation that would change the state’s code to allow for the acceptance of cryptocurrencies for certain types of payments.

In fact, Kamlager suggested allowing a state agency to “take cryptocurrency as a method of payment. For the provision of government services” in Senate Bill 1275. Which was submitted in the California Legislature on February 18. Moreover, the addition of crypto to the list of authorised payment methods would be possible by changing the current state statute. Which authorises state entities to provide services to people that need payment.

Legislative confusion surrounding digital assets

Many of the candidates running for government in California in 2022 appear to be concerned about crypto and blockchain adoption. In her campaign to replace anti-crypto legislator Brad Sherman. Aarika Rhodes, an elementary school teacher running for the state’s 30th Congressional District, is taking Bitcoin (BTC). As well as other tokens for campaign contributions.

The crypto bill is the latest attempt by state legislators to address any legislative confusion surrounding digital assets. Colorado Governor Jared Polis indicated last week that the state expects to accept cryptocurrency tax payments by summer 2022. In addition, earlier this month, a Tennessee state legislator submitted a bill. That would allow the state to invest in crypto and nonfungible tokens.

The Republican lawmakers have led the charge for state-level regulation of cryptocurrency. However, Kamlager and others proposing similar legislation — as well as federal attempts — appear to show that the field is available to all political parties. In January, Patrick McHenry, a Republican from North Carolina in the United States House of Representatives, called for “wide, bipartisan consensus” on concerns that could influence the cryptocurrency business.

Fed’s Powell has no intent to ban cryptocurrencies

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