Home News British tween earns almost $400K on NFT sales without a bank account

British tween earns almost $400K on NFT sales without a bank account


British tween earns almost $400K on NFT sales without a bank account. Benjamin Ahmed created whale emoji digital pictures and tokenized them, selling them in the form of NFTs during his summer break.

According to reports, a British 12-year-old boy made nearly $400k by selling non-fungible tokens (NFT) during the school holidays.

Benjamin is over the moon

In an interview with Geo.tv, Benjamin Ahmed expressed his extreme elation in regards to his ability to make money online without even having a bank account, by designing and selling NFT artworks. Ahmed’s artworks caught people’s attention on Twitter and rapidly went viral.

Ahmed took advantage of his school holiday; he designed and tokenize whale emojis branded as “weird whales” then he sold them as NFTs online. Earlier, the tweenager had tokenized a Minecraft-inspired art set, but he failed to sell them online due to low popularity.

Apparently, Benyamin’s father, Imran Ahmed, taught him and his brother how to code when they were six years old. Although his son can’t open a bank account because of age restrictions, Imran said: “he is extremely creative. But without a bank account nor an accountant, he keeps his earnings in an online blockchain”. Additionally, the parent explained that despite price fluctuation, all the generated earnings through NFT dales were converted to Ether (ETH).

Uncertainty is back to the scene

Nevertheless, the recent unexpected outrageous NFT sales have brought back uncertainty to the crypto ecosystem. According to an opinion piece, NFT structure should work on developing an infrastructure that complies with the copyright legislation, for both creators and purchasers.

a long-term option to overcome this obstacle is to involve organizations with expertise in copyrights understanding in NFT development. Experts, however, predict that this move may restrain both artists and purchasers from accessing NFT sales.

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