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Brazilian toddler makes over 6,500% profit on her first Bitcoin holding


In 2017, a father gave his newborn daughter 1 BTC (approximately $915.80), which is today worth over $60,000.

A 4-year-old child is said to have made a profit of almost 6,500% on a one Bitcoin (BTC) present she received on her day of birth.

Joo Canhada, the creator of the Brazilian cryptocurrency exchange Foxbit, gave his newborn daughter 1 bitcoin (BTC), which is currently worth $915.80. Canhada elaborated in regards to the event:

“I bought 1 Bitcoin for my daughter as soon as she was born in 2017. It was not just a gift, but also a method of investment in this new economy. BTC was worth 5,000 Brazilian Reals at the time.”

As the price of Bitcoin rises back to $60,000, the child’s one BTC investment has returned returns of almost 6,500%. Canhada was ignorant of this information at the time. But 2017 was the final year for investors to buy Bitcoin for under $1000.

British tween earns almost $400K on NFT

A 12-year-old London youngster reportedly made over $400,000 selling a series of nonfungible tokens (NFTs) during the school vacations just last month.

According to a study on the subject, London-based Benyamin Ahmed developed and tokenized Weird Whales. A collection of digital images of whale emojis that were then marketed as NFTs.

Ahmed was unable to establish a bank account owing to age limitations. Therefore, his father stated that the proceeds from NFT sales had been transferred to Ether (ETH).

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