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Bottlepay launched function of sending and receiving BTC via Twitter


Fintech Bottlepay, which is the developer of the eponymous mobile application, has launched its first feature that allows users to send and receive bitcoins using a single tweet.

Thus, from now on, users of the social network Twitter have the ability to send and receive Bitcoins.

The company said that with a single tweet, for example: “@bottlepay send 1,000 sats to @twitteruser”, instantly transfers a specified amount of bitcoin from one user’s Twitter account to another.

Relevance of the new development of Bottlepay

Developers believe that their development may be especially relevant for creative industries. That is, in this way, developers want to reward artists and content creators, saving them from paying commission.

Alan Howard and NYDIG supported Bottlepay service

Last month, fintech Bottlepay was able to raise £ 11 million during the seed round of financing. The British hedge fund of billionaire Alan Howard, as well as former and current fintech partners such as the investment bank Goldman Sachs, as well as FinTech Collective, and Nydig, allocated money to support fintech.

Bottlepay said the funds will be used to expand its team, develop the platform’s functionality and increase its international presence.

Facilitation of cryptocurrency transfers

The Bottlepay mobile app, powered by the Lightning Network blockchain protocol, is designed to facilitate social, streaming and micropayments. By offering online funds transfers in bitcoins and fiat currencies and integration with popular social media platforms. In the coming months, Bottlepay will expand its payment network to social media platforms such as Reddit, Twitch, Telegram, Mastodon.

In addition, Bottlepay users can buy, store, send and withdraw Bitcoins with a flick of their fingers. Other digital payment platforms such as PayPal and Revolut currently don’t allow to use the first cryptocurrency in payments.

There are now over 20,000 registered users in the beta version of this mobile application. This happened after Crunchbase recognized them as the number one Bitcoin startup in the world.

Since the launch of their mobile app last month, users have already made transactions worth more than £ 1.7 million.

In the near future Bottlepay will add more fiat currencies to the list of services provided.

The app is currently available for both iOS and Android in the UK and will be rolling out to Europe soon.

Bottlepay benefits

The benefit of such services from the point of view of Bitcoin users is to convey information about cryptocurrencies to those who don’t yet use them. Who will refuse the money that themselves came to them through Twitter? The recipient has a well-founded interest in dealing with Bitcoin. Even if he had never heard of it before, or was skeptical of digital currencies.

In addition, today’s consumers want to be able to instantly transfer their money from anywhere in the world. Bottlepay believes their social Bitcoin payments are a necessary upgrade to legacy payment systems, and a step towards smoother, easier transactions.

The ultimate goal of Bottlepay is to provide users with a low-cost alternative to well-known payment brands like Wise and Currencyfair.

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