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Blockchain tech mass adoption is possible, and education is the key


Blockchain is one of the most promising technologies of our time. The key to its massive adoption is public education about what it really is. At the moment, only a lack of knowledge is the main obstacle to its mass adoption. Since the technology is truly a breakthrough technology that has a lot of advantages.

So what exactly is blockchain?

The ideas behind blockchain emerged as early as 1991, but the technology only began to gain more attention after the launch of Bitcoin in 2009.

Most blockchains function as a distributed ledger that records and protects digital data using cryptography. This technology is often applied to networks of digital currencies (cryptocurrencies), but its decentralized and secure nature also makes it a powerful tool for many other industries.

Blockchain technology has the potential to transform not only the global foreign exchange market, but also the banking industry as a whole, removing intermediaries and replacing them with a trustless, borderless, transparent system that anyone can easily access.

Blockchain can facilitate faster and cheaper transactions, increase the availability of capital, improve data security, ensure trust-free execution of contracts through smart contracts, simplify compliance, and much more.

In addition, thanks to the innovative structure of the blockchain, the interaction of new financial elements can lead to completely new types of financial services.

Implementation problems

Blockchain is a really great technology. But at the same time, it is difficult for existing companies to switch to blockchain. They will have to change key business processes. Startups with new business models shouldn’t underestimate how difficult it is to build a decentralized application.

The technology has not yet reached the stage of maturity and is quite complex. In addition, introducing blockchain technology into a business is an expensive option. It requires additional staff and training in special skills that many don’t have.

Blockchain in public administration

Why should governments embrace blockchain? There are a number of important reasons why governments should consider using this technology. These include improved decentralization, data integrity and transparency, as well as better efficiency and lower transaction costs.


Blockchain enables all of humanity to optimize a wide variety of areas of life. One of the advantages of this technology is that it is almost impossible to hack. And there is no need to involve third parties. The whole principle of blockchain operation is based on mathematics and cryptography. Over time, it will be introduced into all areas of activity, including education.

However, at this stage, this technology still not widely understood. Until people become aware of the limitless possibilities that new technologies can offer, it will be difficult to achieve mass adoption.

However, it should be noted that the ways for the further development of this technology look quite impressive. We think that in the exchange of information, both within and between industries, blockchain will provide an opportunity to reach a whole new level. As the interconnections between blockchain and other disruptive technologies, such as automation and cloud solutions, established, blockchain will help companies formulate and implement new ones.

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