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Bitcoin volatility will always disappoint some investors: Michael Saylor


According to MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor, some categories of cryptocurrency investors will remain afraid of Bitcoin volatility.

Turbulence is the main fear of traders who invest in BTC but don’t believe in the technological basis of the cryptosphere.

The head of the software company is known as a bitcoin supporter. Saylor periodically states that he does not sell his coins even when the market starts to fall. “I’m looking at Bitcoin as the most distributed, strongest brand of a monetary asset in the world”, Saylor explained.

Note that his company MicroStrategy acquired 13,005 BTC in June. Bringing the total number of controlled coins to 105,085 BTC ($ 3.66 billion). Their average purchase price is $ 26,080.

The volatility of the digital asset does not scare Saylor: he personally owns, in addition to the funds invested by the company, Bitcoins worth more than $ 100 million, and intends to buy more and more of them.

Ultimately Bitcoin will win

The CEO of MicroStrategy has responded to criticism of BTC from those investors who often blame cryptocurrency for volatility.

Saylor believes that this category of traders adheres to the only tactic – this is enrichment. During kickbacks and destabilization, some profit by increasing assets, while others, on the contrary, are trying to sell, which provokes further roller coasters in quotes.

Such people do not think about the fact that bitcoin is forming a new financial and technological infrastructure. They only think about income, so the problem of BTC volatility will remain for them in the future. Since they have no idea about the technology and structure of macroeconomics. Consequently, Saylor urged to buy the first cryptocurrency for the amount that investors are willing to lose.

Thus, Saylor believes that Bitcoin volatility is “the norm” given that this digital asset represents a new class of investment assets.

There is no doubt that the price will go up, but it will also decline in some periods of time, and for a rather long time, and such fluctuations will continue for at least the next five years.

However, it is worth remembering that countries such as the United States are printing dollars, which provokes an acceleration in inflation. Ultimately, we will see how Bitcoin will benefit from the trends that dominate the global economy.

On Wednesday, July 7, the bitcoin rate is holding around $ 34,700. Over the past 24 hours, the cryptocurrency capitalization has increased by 2% to $ 641.569 billion.

What does the calmness of the main players indicate?

Against the background of the events of May 2021, from the outside it may seem that the market is in chaos. But at the same time, key players (whales, holders, large traders) remain calm. And that’s why:

– The cryptoindustry is strengthening its position, and international and domestic regulators have a positive impact on this.

– Thorough analysis of the situation – knowledge frees you from costs, neuroses against the background of hesitation and rash decisions.

– Diversification — the right investment portfolios and the ability to adhere to the chosen strategy preserve and increase assets.

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