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Bitcoin.org goes offline after suffering scam attack


Bitcoin.org goes offline after suffering scam attack. On the Other hand, In July, Bitcoin.org was the target of a DDoS assault, with hackers seeking a Bitcoin ransom.

In Fact, Bitcoin.org, one of the original Bitcoin (BTC) websites, has been under attack by internet fraudsters and is currently unavailable.

However, on September 23, Cobra, Bitcoin.org’s anonymous curator, reported that the site had been under attack and that hackers had managed to post a fraud message on the site.

“It appears that Bitcoin.org has been hacked, with the entire site changed with a hoax offering free Bitcoin. “Do not transfer money to that address,” tweeted Bitcoin developer Matt Corallo.

The website may be unavailable for few days

Namecheap temporarily blocked the website after receiving an inquiry from Corallo. The Bitcoin.org website “may be unavailable for a few days,” according to Cobra.

Users claimed that Bitcoin.org was flashing a standard bogus giveaway message before it went offline, with fraudsters apparently collecting around $17,000 to their addresses.

Following the website’s deactivation, Cobra speculated that the hackers took use of a DNS vulnerability, claiming that Bitcoin.org’s Cloudflare accounts and servers were safe.

https://t.co/OsFgRFRRZb hasn’t been hacked, ever. And then we move to Cloudflare, and two months later we get hacked.

Can you explain where you were routing my traffic too? Because my actual server didn’t get any traffic during the hack. @Cloudflare @eastdakota.

— Cøbra (@CobraBitcoin) September 23, 2021”

The new attempt follows a DDoS hit on Bitcoin.org in early July, which was accompanied by a ransom demand for an undisclosed sum of Bitcoin. The incident occurred less than a week after a UK court ordered the website to stop displaying the Bitcoin white paper, ruling in favour of self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto and Bitcoin SV (BSV) proponent Craig Wright.

After Satoshi Nakamoto departed the Bitcoin community in late 2011, leaving the code to Bitcoin developers, Bitcoin.org has been the focus of several disputes. The website has changed ownership several times since then, with Cobra becoming a co-owner of Bitcoin.org in late 2013.

Pushing Bitcoin Cash as the “genuine” Bitcoin

Roger Ver, the owner of Bitcoin.com and a proponent of Bitcoin Cash (BCH), showed interest in purchasing the Bitcoin.org website in May 2020. Some members of the cryptocurrency community have accused Ver of sowing doubt by pushing Bitcoin Cash as the “genuine” Bitcoin. Will Binns, one of Bitcoin.org’s overseers, stated he had lost access to the site a month later. Indicating a possible breach.

Bitcoin.org is a historic crypto website. With its domain name registered in August 2008. Several months before Satoshi Nakamoto, the unknown Bitcoin founder, mined the first Bitcoin block in January 2009. Bitcoin.org is famous for hosting the Bitcoin Core. The software needed to connect to the Bitcoin network and run a node. As well as providing an instructional resource regarding the foundational cryptocurrency.

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