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Bitcoin.org blocks access to Bitcoin software download in the UK


Late last month, Australian scientist Craig Wright, posing as Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto, won a lawsuit against anonymous developer Cobra, creator and co-owner of Bitcoin.org. As a result of the court’s decision, Cobra obliged to remove the BTC white paper. Since otherwise the could block the resource in the UK for copyright infringement. Also, the creator of Bitcoin.org forced to restrict the download of Bitcoin Core software for users from the UK.

Bitcoin Core software is not currently available for download in the UK. And download links will not work if the user is in that country, according to a notice on the website.

After the removal of such an important document about Bitcoin and restrictions on software downloads, questions rained down on Cobra. Among other things, Adam Back, CEO of blockchain technology company Blockstream, was interested in what happened.

The owner of Bitcoin.org, under the pseudonym Cobra, said that he is executing the court’s decision.

“If I refuse to comply with the order, it is likely that UK ISPs will be ordered to block some or all of Bitcoin.org for copyright infringement. Likewise, Sci-Hub has been blocked in the UK”, explained Cobra.

He also noted that you can obtain the documentation stored on the blockchain using software.

Cobra vs fake Satoshi Craig Wright

The lawsuit between Cobra and self-proclaimed Satoshi Craig Wright (CSW) took place in late June. The anonymous developer accused of copyright infringement. The court found him guilty and ordered to remove the Bitcoin white paper.

It is worth noting that the court’s agreement that CSW is the creator of BTC Satoshi Nakamoto was due to the defendant’s failure to appear. Thus, Cobra lost the trial because he refused to testify in order to maintain anonymity.

As a result of the verdict, Cobra will also have to pay Wright’s court costs – £ 35,000. On his Twitter profile, the Bitcoin.org developer notes that he has repeatedly tried to contact him to pay legal fees, however, CSW does not seem to want to receive them.

Cobra considers the court’s decision to be absolutely unfair. The obvious fact, he says, is that Wright is a liar:

“All of your fiat assets ultimately protected by the same legal system that made it illegal for me to post a Bitcoin document today because a notorious liar swore in front of a judge that he was Satoshi. A system in which “fairness” depends on who has the larger wallet”.

Craig Wright and his litigation with blockchain developers

In 2019, the self-proclaimed creator of Bitcoin, Craig Wright, took over the copyright for the white paper and the source code of the first cryptocurrency. Later, the US Copyright Office clarified that they did not recognize him as the creator of digital gold, Satoshi Nakamoto.

Wright known in cryptocurrency circles primarily for litigation with blockchain developers.

In late February, for example, Wright demanded that leading crypto developers return about 99,100 Bitcoins to him. The lawsuit alleges that private keys to Bitcoins, allegedly owned by Wright, stolen during a hacking into his computer network. However, the details of the alleged hacker attack were not disclosed.

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