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Bitcoin Magazine’s YouTube restored after ban


The YouTube channel of Bitcoin Magazine was reinstated three hours after it was shut down, with the publisher blaming the brief suspension on a YouTube algorithm that flagged the phrase “Kazakhstan.”

Bitcoin Magazine noticed on Twitter on January 12 that its YouTube channel, which has 56,600 subscribers, banned in the middle of a Livestream with no previous notice from the network.

The webcast focused on Elon Musk, Jack Dorsey, Bitcoin (BTC) mining, and Kazakhstan’s recent internet outage. Which apparently ordered by the government in reaction to widespread protests over the country’s rising fuel prices.

Bitcoin Magazine noted that it was unsure of the grounds on which YouTube had banned its channel. But that its account had been reinstated an hour after it had filed an appeal. Indicating that YouTube had realised its mistake.

Host Alex Mcshane stated in a live broadcast following the restoration that the panel was debating the internet blackout’s effect on the BTC mining hash rate without stating anything controversial. However, he was utilising a series of “algorithmically and politically charged terms” that may have triggered the shutdown:

“I’d want to talk about what happened without re-igniting it […] we were talking about a certain politically charged country that begins with the letter ‘K’.”

The Google-owned site also stated that “material that advocates unlawful acts or incites viewers to violate YouTube’s guidelines unallowed”. According to a piece published by Bitcoin Magazine earlier today.

“We may tolerate depictions of such behaviours. If they are instructive or documentary in nature and do not encourage others to copy them,” the letter continued.

Live broadcasts use identities and video content of well-known personalities to promote shady websites and alleged “crypto giveaway” frauds

Despite its content guideline, current YouTube searches nevertheless turn up several live broadcasts. That use the identities and video content of well-known personalities like MicroStrategy’s Michael Saylor. In order to promote shady websites and alleged “crypto giveaway” frauds.

User u/Setl1less pointed out the hypocrisy of the ban in the r/CryptoCurrency subreddit. Claiming that “Youtube has made it a habit of shutting down prominent informational accounts” while allowing frauds to function freely.

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