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Bitcoin is key to the future of Twitter, Jack Dorsey says


Bitcoin is the backbone of one of the three vectors of Twitter’s development, along with artificial intelligence and decentralization, according to the founder and CEO of the social platform Jack Dorsey.

Thus, Twitter founder Jack Dorsey stated that the social network will support Bitcoin. The first cryptocurrency will be integrated into Twitter’s existing products and services. Including paid subscriptions, commerce, and the ability to support authors, Dorsey said.

Bitcoin is the best candidate for the global currency of the Internet, Dorsey said.

Recall that Jack Dorsey has been an active Bitcoin fan for quite a long time. He even added emoji for cryptocurrency to Twitter. In addition, Dorsey constantly supports arguments in favor of digital assets in disputes with their critics, develops new initiatives in the cryptosphere, and his payment company Square, since last year, began to invest tens of millions of dollars in BTC.

In June 2021, Dorsey was remembered for a new statement. He announced his readiness to leave his own positions in order to popularize Bitcoin. In addition, Jack sees great potential in the first cryptocurrency that has yet to be realized.

Bitcoin is the basis for change in the future

Jack truly sees Bitcoin as the basis for change in the future. Moreover, these changes will occur not only purely in finance. Here is a quote from an entrepreneur in which he shares his attitude to what is happening.

“I think Bitcoin will be a significant part of our future. It brings many innovations in addition to the financial side of the issue. This is especially important in the context of greater decentralization of social networks and the creation of increased economic incentive”.

This means that the head of Twitter believes that the values ​​of decentralized assets can also transferred to social platforms. The latter are also able to be independent from uniform bodies and get rid of censorship.

These words quite logically coincide with the beliefs previously expressed by Dorsey. Recall that back in 2018, he called Bitcoin “the currency of the Internet”.

Jack also featured another quote this year about integrating Lightning Network technology into Twitter or BlueSky, an initiative he created to develop decentralized media standards. The creator of Twitter did not forget to mention the social platform Diem, the heir to the Libra project from Facebook. She will presumably also integrate LN into her system.

In general, Dorsey welcomes the development of several media standards on the Internet, which will only improve the decentralization of information dissemination.

Сonference The B Word

Of course, it is worth remembering the recent online conference The B Word, in which Jack Dorsey took part. There he stated that Bitcoin will help achieve “world peace”, as cryptocurrency prepares changes in almost every area of ​​human life.

We believe that Jack Dorsey has done a lot to popularize Bitcoin over the past years. Moreover, we are talking not only about the established BTC-hours during the hearings of the committee of the US Congress, but also more important achievements. The cryptocurrency industry benefits from such a powerful ally.

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