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Bitcoin is a miracle and better than gold, says Apple co-founder Wozniak


Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak called Bitcoin a mathematical miracle during the Talent Land Jalisco 2021 conference. Wozniak noted that he does not personally invest in Bitcoin, but believes in its future.

Wozniak spoke positively about the main cryptocurrency back in 2018. Then the co-founder of Apple predicted that in the future, Bitcoin will become the single currency. The businessman also bought Bitcoins, but soon sold them. He explained this by the fact that he never wanted to be an investor, but interested in how digital money works.

The advantages of Bitcoin over gold and the US dollar

Wozniak argued that the main cryptocurrency is the true equivalent of gold. And the coin has certain advantages over the precious metal. He noted that no one person or company runs Bitcoin, it “just keeps on working, growing and surviving”.

He also noted that gold is a finite resource, while the supply of  Bitcoin limited to 21 million coins. This means that after the last BTC will be mined in 2140, there will be no new Bitcoins. With this in mind, gold and Bitcoin will be able to maintain their value in the market. However, according to Wozniak, Bitcoin is much better.

Thus, Wozniak not only praised Bitcoin, but also substantiated his point of view.

Wozniak’s words came shortly after Mexican billionaire Ricardo Salinas Pliego’s statements about Bitcoin. He recently said that Bitcoin can safely be called the new gold, which, unlike gold bars, is much more portable. Pliego is also the founder of Banco Azteca, which may become the first bank in Mexico to operate with Bitcoin.

Wozniak also stated that the US dollar is “something fake” due to the centralized control of its creation and use, as well as the abuse of power by the authorities regarding the issue.

Wozniak believes in Bitcoin and blockchain

Co-founder of Apple Inc. added that he admired Bitcoin from the very beginning. Wozniak said that he was not interested in the financial side of the issue, he rather believed in the promise that the developers gave to users and which has not yet been broken. He also talked about how difficult it was for him to buy Bitcoins in the early days after its appearance. Comparing Bitcoin to a house, Wozniak noted that no matter what its value is or what taxes the government has imposed on it, the house will still exist as a real stable asset with an unrevalued value, which, at the same time, reflects its real value.

Wozniak also noted the widespread use of blockchain technology, he gave examples of its use in various fields: from financial services to the mining industry. He said that in his opinion, gold is inferior in its characteristics to Bitcoin and other cryptoassets, since, despite the fact that the industry is doing everything possible to track “illegal” gold (for example, “legitimate” gold is marked accordingly), attackers can destroy all insignia simply by melting gold. This is not possible in the blockchain.

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