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Bitcoin Core developer Samuel Dobson decides it is ‘time to go’


On Thursday night, developer Samuel Dobson revealed that after three years as a Bitcoin Core maintainer, he is stepping down. Because he “can no longer devote the time required, as he approaches the conclusion of his PhD”.

Dobson had direct access to the cryptocurrency’s source on GitHub as a Bitcoin Core wallet maintainer. With powers to approve updates and make improvements to the Bitcoin software. He was also in charge of guaranteeing the protocol’s security.

When asked if he plans to return to BTC Core development in the future, Dobson responded that his PhD is his primary priority right now. He is also uninterested in the development of other cryptocurrencies. Despite the fact that he hasn’t chosen what he will do after graduation.

Dobson expressed his gratitude for John Pfeffer’s “very generous sponsorship”. Without which he would not have been able to focus on Bitcoin part-time.

Because of the nature of open-source projects, he requested that the Twitter community consider financially supporting a developer.

“Since Satoshi’s creation, Bitcoin Core development has certainly evolved tremendously. As an open-source project, it will always face challenges in terms of fundraising, but tools like Brink, Chaincode, and Spiral, as well as direct developer sponsorship through GitHub, have been quite helpful”.

Since October, Bitcoin has lost two of its maintainers. According to an updated list on the Bitcoin Forum, with Dobson’s resignation, the number of developers having direct access to Bitcoin code has fallen to five.

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