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Bitcoin billionaires back ‘moonshot’ scheme to resurrect woolly mammoths


Bitcoin billionaires back ‘moonshot’ scheme to resurrect woolly mammoths. In fact, Tim Draper, the founder of Bitcoin, and the Winklevoss twins have sponsored a company called “Colossal”. That aims to resuscitate woolly mammoths as part of the fight against climate change.

Significantly, On September 13, the bioscience startup focused on “de-extinction” closed a $15 million investment round. Which sponsored by Legendary Pictures founder Thomas Tull.

Moreover, Peter Diamandis of Bold Capital, Jim Breyer of Breyer Capital. In addition to Tony Robbins, the famous “self-help guru” with a net worth of around $500 million, all participated in the round.

As a matter of fact, Harvard genetics professor George Church and entrepreneur Ben Lamm founded Colossal.

By modifying the genetic code of endangered Asian elephants, the corporation hopes to resurrect the woolly mammoth — or, more specifically, a “cold-resistant elephant with all of the basic biological features of the woolly mammoth” — from extinction. Church wants to develop mammoths that can flourish in frigid areas like their ancestors by implanting test-tube embryos or artificial wombs into elephants.

The company intends to reestablish gigantic root systems, which can take carbon from the atmosphere in cold areas and rehabilitate ecosystems that have been damaged by climate change.

The company’s website lists ten key causes for resurrecting the mammoth, including slowing arctic permafrost melting, preventing greenhouse gas emissions trapped in the permafrost layer, protecting modern elephants from extinction, and adopting an “ecosystem that can maintain its own fortification against climate change”.

Colossal to be a game-changer?

On September 14, Bitcoin (BTC) billionaire Cameron Winklevoss spoke to Fortune about his investment in Colossal, claiming that the company’s efforts might be a “game-changer” in protecting jeopardized species and “future-proofing” the environment.

Winklevoss declared that he fully supports the company for the long term. Emphasizing that he does not expect to see a return on his investment in the first “few years”. And that it may take “up to a decade” to generate profits.

Jurassic Park

Colossal may capitalize on its work by essentially following the scenario of Steven Spielberg’s hit series Jurassic Park. In which a theme park could be established to showcase a population of extinct creatures, according to the co-founder of the Gemini crypto market.

“Although it’s a moonshot, one that’s likely to be laden with danger and a slew of technical obstacles. If they succeed, there’s the potential for a massive payoff,” he added.

Of course, Winklevoss was queried about a BTC price forecast for the end of 2021. And he claimed that $100K was possible due to U.S. currency inflation.

“Bitcoin will end the year at $100K, in my opinion. There are numerous tailwinds. The most significant of which being inflation. As trillions of dollars flood the money supply as a result of lax monetary policy,” he said.

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