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Biden hints at possible cybersecurity arrangement with Russia


US President Joe Biden said that during his talks with President Vladimir Putin, he discussed cybersecurity issues. According to him, they agreed that this topic will become the subject of discussion by experts. The meeting between US President Joseph Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin took place on June 16 in Geneva. The negotiations lasted 3.5 hours.

Biden said he offered Putin a list of 16 infrastructure sectors against which cyberattacks would be prohibited. He explained that the list refers to departments and enterprises engaged in various industries – from water supply systems to energy.

Joe Biden noted that the issue of cyberattacks concerns mutual interests with Russia.

The US President stressed that “responsible countries must hold cyber bandits and criminals accountable”. The head of the White House noted that he and the Russian leader had discussed issues of cyberspace and cybersecurity for a long time. Note also, that the American leader stated that he didn’t speak with Putin about any US military response to the cyberattacks. And the Russian government has denied any involvement in recent ransomware attacks in the United States.

Attack on the American Colonial Pipeline

According to the American president, he also touched upon the attack on the American pipeline.

“I asked what he would have done in my place. He nodded and showed that he understands what is at stake”, said Biden.

This is a hacker attack on the Colonial Pipeline that took place on May 6. As a result, the company was forced to shut down the pipeline.

It was alleged that in the course of the cyberattack, attackers stole a large amount of data and also blocked the company’s networks. They threatened to leak the company’s internal information online and leave the system blocked unless Colonial Pipeline pays the ransom. Later, Bloomberg reported that the American company transferred about $ 5 million in cryptocurrency to hackers.

None of the world leaders mentioned cryptocurrency or digital assets at the press conference. Putin called such funds “electronically paid”, rather than calling them Bitcoin (BTC) or cryptocurrency.

The importance of cybersecurity issues

Earlier, at a press conference following talks with Biden, Putin said that Russia and the United States would begin consultations on cybersecurity. At the same time, according to Putin, Russia has previously provided all information on US requests for cyberattacks, but it doesn’t receive any answers to its requests from American intelligence services at all.

In addition, the President of the Russian Federation drew attention to the fact that even according to American sources, most cyberattacks in the world carried out from the United States, as well as from Canada and Great Britain.

At the same time, the Russian leader drew attention to the importance of cyber security issues for the world community.

US President Joseph Biden intends to evaluate in the future the agreements with Vladimir Putin on prisoners and cybersecurity. Whether the negotiations were effective, time will tell. Biden added that the tone of the talks was positive.

According to Biden, there is a real prospect to significantly improve relations between the two countries, without abandoning any principles and values.

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