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Avocado Guild and TPG Telecom partnership lets players earn mobile data with tokens


Customers may now swap their AVO DAO tokens for mobile data credits thanks to a partnership between TPG Telecom and the Avocado Guild, a blockchain gaming company centred on the play-to-earn (P2E) model. The Avocado Guild’s native digital currency is AVO DAO. It will be used to reward gamers for putting in the time and effort to play blockchain games.

Avocado Guild CEO and co-founder Brendan Wong commented on the new relationship, saying that it contributes to Avocado Guild’s broader mission of “enriching our scholars’ lives by allowing them to swap the tokens for internet access.”

According to TPG Telecom CEO Richard Tan, the partnership with the gaming company enables the company to take a long-term approach. In order to engage in the blockchain digital economy. According to the release, TPG Telecom and the Avocado Guild will also launch a pilot project. Including PSP Soteria Ventures (PSV) and QCP Capital that will use the Avocado DAO.

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On the other hand, the gaming company recently acquired $18 million in Series A funding to help the company expand its gaming offerings. The funds will be in use to expand the company’s technology capabilities. And help it move to Avocado DAO, a decentralised autonomous organisation.

The Avocado Guild is a blockchain gaming organisation that promotes the P2E business paradigm. Instead of the typical microtransactions seen in most mobile and PC games, gamers profit from playing games in this method. Players will receive rewards for real-world-valued digital items. In addition, players can use these assets to buy in-game things or sold for cash on secondary marketplaces.

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