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Ariana Grande’s fundraiser for trans visibility adds cryptos donations


Ariana Grande, a well-known musician and outspoken supporter of transgender rights who also runs her own charity, Protect and Defend Trans Youth Fund, has promised to match cryptos donations up to $1.5 million. Grande is raising funds for LGBTQ organisations that support transgender youngsters and give direct services.

Pledge, a crowdfunding site, has developed “PledgeCrypto,2/51,” which allows non-profits to collect crypto donations in over 130 cryptos, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether, and then convert them to fiat money.

PledgeCrypto is a fundraising platform that allows NGOs to collect cryptos donations in more than 130 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Tether (USDT), and then convert them to fiat money.

PledgeCrypto, according to the statement, is a free, fully-integrated fiat and cryptocurrency donation platform that sends funds to vetted non-profit organisations. Technical skills, cryptocurrency wallet experience, or KYC verification are not required.

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300 million people hold cryptos and intend to use them for donations

According to Pledge CEO James Citron, about 300 million people hold cryptocurrencies and intend to utilise them to support organisations that they care about. The Boys and Girls Club of Metro Los Angeles, Big Brothers and Big Sisters LA, Streetcode Academy, Worthy of Love, Safe Place for Youth, CoachArt, Goodie Nation, and Taraji P Henson’s Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation are among the other charity partners for Pledge Crypto, in addition to Ariana Grande’s campaign.

To counteract the environmental impact of cryptocurrency mining and transactions, Pledge has established a method that allows each crypto transaction to contribute to verified carbon offset programmes through the United Nations Climate Neutral Now Initiative.

The year 2021 will be remembered as the year when digital assets reached new all-time highs, but it was also the year when crypto philanthropy had its most successful year ever. Early in February, we reported that Contributions to cryptocurrency in 2021 reached $69.6 million, up from $4.2 million in 2020. Crypto donation volume increased by 1,558%, or almost 16 times, during the same time period.

In March, officials from Ukraine’s government teamed up with cryptocurrency exchanges FTX and Kuna, as well as staking provider Everstake, to launch a contribution platform for anyone who wishes to donate bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies to help with the struggle against Russia.

Tracked crypto donations to Ukraine surge to $108M as Kraken, Bored Ape joins in

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