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Apple seeks to hire ‘alternative payments’ manager with crypto experience


American Apple, the world’s largest company with a market value of $ 2.12 trillion, appears to be thinking about entering the cryptocurrency market. This assumption can be made thanks to the vacancy published on the official website of the company.

So, it turned out that Apple Wallets, Payments and Commerce (WPC) are looking for a business development manager in the segment of alternative payments. The company noted that this position will be responsible for the continuous development of the business, including finding partners, negotiating and entering into commercial agreements, as well as launching new programs.

According to the job description, the candidate should have five years of experience working with alternative payment methods. These include digital wallets, BNPL, Fast Payments, cryptocurrency and others. In addition, an experience of at least 10 years is required, of which six years must be associated with business development. That is, the company is looking for proven professionals in the field of global alternative payments and new solutions.

The employee is expected to work full time at the headquarters in Cupertino, California.

However, it may turn out that the new position has nothing to do with cryptocurrencies, and the company has some other plans in this regard. However, the vacancy announcement is still good news about a possible change in mood in the company’s management.

For now, Apple is keeping its distance from the cryptocurrency industry. Recently, however, exchanges have started working with Apple Pay.

Last month, the American cryptocurrency exchange Gemini announced that users can now buy cryptocurrency using Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Cryptocurrency here is just one of the points. But even this is enough to say directly that Apple at least seriously interested in this area. What will come of this is still completely unclear. And some finished product or service may eventually become available only in a few years.

In 2019, Apple Pay VP Jennifer Bailey mentioned that the company is following cryptocurrency trends. She also noted that the cryptocurrency has great potential in the long term. However, the platform owner has not announced any products in this direction.

In addition, in February 2021, BitPay announced that its Bitcoin MasterCard added to Apple Pay. This allowed platform users to use them as a means of payment.

Given Apple’s strength in the market, if the company ever explicitly announces cryptocurrencies, it could greatly boost their value. As we’ve seen more than once in other similar cases, but on a smaller scale.

Theories regarding Apple’s involvement in the cryptocurrency industry

In recent months we saw various theories regarding Apple’s involvement in the cryptocurrency industry. In February, one investment banking giant wrote that Apple should enter the cryptocurrency industry and follow in Tesla’s footsteps.

According to analyst Mitch Stevens, the iPhone maker could achieve significant growth if it turns Apple Wallet into a cryptocurrency trading platform.

Stevens calculated that with limited investment in R&D, the company could generate more than $ 40 billion in revenue.

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