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Analysts have recorded a surge of interest in cryptocurrency


According to data released by a cryptocurrency analysis company “The TIE”, in recent days the number of “Buy Crypto” requests on Google has reached an all-time high. As statistics show, even absolute beginners in the cryptoindustry began to show increased interest in this topic.

Even during the famous bitcoin race at the end of 2017, people around the world were less interested in buying cryptocurrencies than now.

Analysts believe that this indicates the entry of new investors into the market, and, consequently, the subsequent growth of capitalization.

The top five countries, whose residents sent the largest number of requests to “buy crypto” on the Internet, weren’t the United States or China at all. But Slovenia, Australia, Nigeria, Singapore, and Albania. Latest data from the Google Trends service show this.

In addition, The TIE service, recorded the highest rise in Bitcoin mentions on Twitter since 2017. Social network users have published over 64,000 posts dedicated to digital currency.

Residents of Nigeria, Switzerland, South Africa, Austria and Ghana show the greatest interest in BTC.

The TIE CEO Joshua Frank predicts that interest in cryptocurrency will continue to grow. Especially if the price of popular currencies will periodically update the highs.

Why are people showing such interest in cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrencies emerged as a kind of response to global overregulation and global financial and banking chaos. However, this product had a colossal use value; it allows you to partially fulfill the function of money, to be a means of payment. Transfer from one subject to another takes very little time and is cheap, and most importantly, it is not controlled by anyone. There is no need to providea huge number of reports to the bank. That is cryptocurrency provides greater freedom. Plus, investors are looking for protection against inflation in the face of cryptocurrencies.

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