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Amazon denies rumored plans for Bitcoin support


With rumors emerging that Amazon is soon planning to use Bitcoin as a means of payment, the cryptocurrency market has started to grow. However, Amazon has not confirmed this information.

A company representative informed reporters that Amazon is interested in cryptocurrencies in general, but there are no concrete plans for Bitcoin so far.

“We are interested in this technology, but the rumors surrounding our plans to use cryptocurrencies are wrong. For now, we are only exploring the possibilities of this technology for buyers on Amazon”, said a spokesman for the company in an email.

At the same time, the Amazon representative emphasized that the company is closely studying cryptocurrencies. And how they can be useful for customers who buy goods on Amazon.

In addition, the retailer acknowledged that cryptocurrencies are attracting young and tech-savvy shoppers. And new technologies can make payments cheaper and faster.

Rumors that Amazon plans to support Bitcoin payments turned out to be fake

It is worth recalling that 5 days ago a vacancy appeared in the company for a blockchain and digital currency manager. Four days later, City AM reported that Amazon plans to support Bitcoin payments and even launch its token.

We also note that earlier rumors appeared on the market that Amazon intends to release its own cryptocurrency. Industry participants came to this conclusion after the company opened the position of a software development manager for a digital payments project.

Naturally, this immediately sparked a wave of discussions on the crypto market. Bitcoin itself has risen in value by more than 15% in just a few hours.

Some in the crypto community immediately questioned the authenticity of this news and the reliability of the mentioned insiders. It didn’t take long for the company to make an official statement. And, unfortunately, declare City AM’s coverage to be false.

Later, a well-known member of the crypto community under the nickname CryptoCobain wrote on his Twitter that it was he who launched the rumor about the acceptance of Amazon’s cryptocurrency. By deceiving the “stupid crypto journalist”.

BTC price began to decline

As it has already happened many times, after an Amazon representative announced that the company had no plans to process payments in Bitcoin yet, the value of BTC began to decline. Now the price of BTC is $ 37,600. The fall was insignificant.

Despite the fact that Amazon is not going to use Bitcoin yet, they are not abandoning cryptocurrencies in general. This still creates positive expectations on the market for Bitcoin’s growth.

If a company representative announced that Amazon does not plan to deal with cryptocurrencies in the future, then this would cause a more serious drop in BTC. But since this did not happen, then the fall in value turned out to be not so deep.

At the same time, such messages show once again that the cryptocurrency market is still extremely sensitive to such events. Should we expect further growth in Bitcoin? Perhaps this will happen in the near future, but everything will depend on a combination of many factors. Providing everything and making accurate analytics is a difficult task.

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