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Alphabet exploring blockchain technology for flagship services


Google has begun looking into blockchain technology and how it can improve Web 3.0.

Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Alphabet, the parent company of Google, said on Tuesday that the business is looking into incorporating blockchain technology into its core products and services.

When asked how Alphabet viewed Web3, Pichai said the company is researching numerous “areas of interest”. Including augmented reality and how blockchain technology may be used to power computers and service layers. Such as YouTube and Google Maps. He expressed himself as follows:

“I find it fascinating whenever there is innovation, and I believe it is something we should do everything we can to encourage […] The web has always evolved and will continue to evolve, and because Google has profited greatly from open-source technologies, we intend to contribute there as well.”

Pichai also mentioned that Google’s cloud division, which competes with Amazon Web Services and Microsoft, is looking into ways. In order to meet customer demands using blockchain-based platforms.

Notably, these are only some of Alphabet’s earliest thoughts on the emerging decentralised web. Other companies, including some of the most powerful IT companies in Silicon Valley, have been significantly more proactive in adopting Web3 than Google.

Block, Twitter, Microsoft, and Meta have all announced intentions for Web3 and cryptocurrency-based services. Polygon partnered up with a Reddit co-founder to build a $200 million Web3 game project, as previously reported. Google, on the other hand, has remained a spectator until recently.

During the call, Pichai did not mention Google’s cryptocurrency ambitions. Twitter intends to incorporate digital currency into its creator tipping system. Meta had similar ambitions for the Diem stablecoin project, which eventually suppressed to the point of cancellation.

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