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Advanced Network Securities, ANS Crypto Coin: “Green” crypto asset


The knowledge of how much energy is spent on mining various cryptocurrencies continues to actively spread in society. Therefore, environmentally conscious investors are starting to look for new “green” alternatives. This is exactly what ANS Crypto Coin is. This is one of those companies that aim not only to make money, but also to make the world around them a little better.

Advanced Network Securities, ANS Crypto Coin, is a cryptocurrency focused on strategic funding. ANS Crypto supports companies which aim to make the world healthier and greener through changes that improve Global well-being.

Moreover, the coin has a global goal: the company is trying to solve global environmental problems and change the environmental situation around. It’s never too late to start changing yourself and the world around you for the better!

ANS Crypto Coin promotes environmental value and invests in sectors such as: Manufacturing, Green Technology, Research & Development, Health & Nutrition, and Property Development & Management.

The company has already implemented several large-scale Investment Projects including First-of-its-Kind Australian Manufacturing, Patent Pending Green-Technology, Health & Nutrition Brand Investment and Strata Property Management.

Thus, we can see that ANS Crypto Coin provides opportunities that conventional investment by banks and funds miss due to the rigid guidelines and compliance restrictions. 

Why ecology is important?

Ecology is related to human health and well-being. Environmental problems prevent people from developing normally and creating. The state of the environment affects the economic situation of the country. Ecology is also a way to take care of future generations: the problems we create will have to be solved by someone else. In addition, already now, solving environmental problems is very expensive, and in the future it will become even more expensive.

It is in our power to slow everything down now and come to a more harmonious coexistence with nature.

ANS Crypto Coin motto: the actions of one person are a drop in the ocean, but if many people get down to business, this can quickly change the situation.

Against this background, ANS Crypto Coin suggests thinking about “green” investments. With such an investment, assets are evaluated in terms of ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) criteria. For such investors, assets are not only risk and return, but also environmental friendliness, as well as social and governance responsibility.

ANS Crypto Coin investment focus

The ANS Crypto Coin website presents the following investment industries:

– Manufacturing Facilities

Investment into state-of-the-art, low carbon footprint Manufacturing Facilities giving us the edge, allowing improved products to market quicker. Ensuring quality, superior production, of non-harmful and effective wellness product range.

– Health & Nutrition

Investment into health companies with proven track record both in sales and operation will quickly see a profitable position for ANS Crypto to expand. Green thinking as the primary focus will be our driving force seeking ideas for a healthier world.

– Green Technology​

Investment into Game-Changing Green Technology. Supporting health of the planet for the Global population.

– Research and Development

Investment into R&D for continued improvement of product function for health and recovery. History shows Investment in R&D as rewarding with both Governments and Companies continuing to invest in R&D.

– Logistics and Distribution

Investment into Logistics and Distribution will fast track our growth. Enabling quick deliveries is the future for both product and services. Supporting innovation that has low carbon footprints, ensuring worldwide access to health products.

As we can see, the company indicates investment prospects in each of these sectors. Each of them, in one way or another, contribute to reducing environmental pollution, preserving biodiversity, mitigating the effects of climate change and preserving natural resources.


Environmental value doesn’t fit well with today’s economy, but ANS Crypto Coin is looking to fix that. As we can see, the company helps to reduce environmental risks by investing in Green Technology, Health & Nutrition, and other “green” industries. ANS Crypto Coin has set itself the goal of making the world healthier and greener. And is confidently moving towards its implementation, calling on other companies to follow their example. Only together we can create a new, better world. The future of the planet is in everyone’s hands!

In conclusion, I would like to note that thanks to innovations, ANS Crypto Coin has every chance to become world leaders in discovering new processes to pioneer various industries.

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