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A statue of Satoshi Nakamoto was unveiled in Budapest


A statue of the creator of the first cryptocurrency, Satoshi Nakamoto, was installed in Hungary. It is located at Graphisoft Park in Budapest. The Crypto Academy, the Hungarian Blockchain Association, Blockchain Budapest and Mr. Coin funded this project.

Thus, after speaking to a crowd of journalists and Hungarian residents, Andras Gyorfi, the co-founder of the statue project and editor of the crypto news site Kripto Akademia, revealed Satoshi’s shining face in a ceremony on Thursday. In his opinion, the identity of Nakamoto does not matter. The main thing is that he “opened a new chapter in the history of the Internet”. His invention led to the emergence of new digital currencies. But most of all, the blockchain technology underlying Bitcoin is transforming the world, Gyorfi stressed.

The bronze statue is a bust of a man in a hoodie with the Bitcoin (BTC) logo and has a mirror surface of the face, where people can see their own image. Moreover, the authors stated that this symbolizes the popular idea among Bitcoin supporters that “we are all Satoshi”.

Virtual monument in Kyiv

Recall that in 2018, a virtual monument to Satoshi Nakamoto was opened in the capital of Ukraine.

On September 29, Ukrainian crypto-enthusiasts opened a virtual monument to the creator of Bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto in Kyiv, on the site of the former monument to Lenin. This installation was the first in the framework of the global project to create augmented reality cities under the auspices of the Republic of Satoshi Nakamoto.

According to the organizers, the virtual monument reflected all the personalities that people represent Satoshi Nakamoto (a woman, artificial intelligence or an alien).

The identity of the creator

The identity of the creator of Bitcoin is still unknown. From time to time, different people declare that they are Satoshi Nakamoto. Among them are Australian entrepreneur Craig Wright and Pakistani James Bilal Khalid Caan.

Despite numerous attempts to reveal his identity, Nakamoto remains elusive. One of the Japanese users of the forum once noticed that in Japan it is not customary to write the first name before the last name, which Nakamoto constantly did. In addition, the creator of Bitcoin has never used Japanese words, which convinced most truth seekers that he is not Japanese. However, some have suggested that Satoshi originally wanted people to come to this conclusion.

In Japanese, the name Satoshi means “wise” or “clear thinking”. Naka (中) captures the “complex meaning of being within”, “between” or “in the middle of something”. And Moto (元) means “origin”, “basis”, “foundation”. Together, it turns out something like “clear thinking inside the base”.

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