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A quarter of Aussie crypto users plan to buy crypto Christmas gifts


More than a quarter of Australian cryptocurrency users polled in October said they want to give digital assets as Christmas gifts this year.

Crypto wallet and service provider Crypto.com interviewed 2,020 Australians between the ages of 18 and 59 for the study. Of those who had used cryptocurrency in the previous year, 26% said they would consider giving it as a present or purchasing crypto-related items for the holidays.

Moreover, half of those planning to buy crypto presents, or 53%, said they would consider buying cryptocurrency assets for their loved ones this Christmas, such as Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH).

Crypto products, like themed socks or sweatshirts, may also be popular gifts this holiday season, according to the poll, with 43% of those expecting to buy crypto-centric gifts shopping for these things.

Crypto coupons, crypto books, or NFTs

Around 42% indicated they were contemplating purchasing cryptocurrency coupons, while 35% said they were considering purchasing crypto books. A third of respondents polled stated they planned to give non-fungible tokens as gifts (NFTs).

Justin El-Sheikh, an 18-year-old Melbourne high school graduate, plans to offer the gift of cryptocurrency this year. He mentioned that he intends to provide his buddies with a wallet. As well as a modest amount of Bitcoin to get them started with Bitcoin.

“A lot of my friends have heard of cryptocurrency and want to become engaged. But they’re not sure where to begin.” He described it as a “fun and thoughtful gift idea.”

“Australians are definitely extremely willing to accept cryptocurrencies. And incorporate their usage into day-to-day spending”, said Karl Mohan, General Manager for Asia-Pacific at Crypto.com. He added, that the country’s “use of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is progressively expanding”.

One in every six Australians already owns cryptocurrencies. According to a Finder study of 1,000 people conducted in September, with the total asset worth topping $US8 billion. Around 9% of Australians have Bitcoin, 8% have Ethereum, and 5% have Dogecoin, according to the report.

Crypto.com debuted a worldwide advertising campaign with Matt Damon earlier this month.

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