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A platform Ask the Doctor files lawsuit against Shiba Inu, engages war of words on Twitter


Tuesdays can be tedious, but many blockchain fans are captivated by an ongoing Twitter drama. Ask The Doctor, a Canadian medical questions and answers website, has declared that it will sue Shytoshi Kusama, the volunteer project leader of meme token Shiba Inu (SHIB), for alleged libel and will seek to reveal his personal identity in court. “It is illegal (for Ask The Doctor) to accept people’s money for a service it never offers”, Kusama retorted.

Kusama started the argument by quoting a promotional Shiba Inu tweet from Ask The Doctor from the day before, stating, “This is a phoney account. What happened to all of your “doctor” tweets from your 2009 tour account?” Ask The Doctor used to be a SHIB influencer, which thickens the plot even more.

The company stated in a tweet on Dec. 1 that it had increased its balance sheet by 31 billion SHIB ($1.5 million at the time). Ask The Doctor then announced on Monday that it has gotten rid of its SHIB tokens. Twitter users claim that the company has spent the last month extensively marketing SHIB coins to retail investors.

Ask The Doctor is still escalating the feud on social media at the time of writing. SHIB is “a hoax”, “going to zero”, “facing delisting”. And “there is a rug pull coming”, according to the firm’s most recent tweets. Ask the Doctor looks to have lost about 10,000 Twitter followers since the fight began less than 24 hours ago, leaving it with about 48,000 followers. Although Ask The Doctor stated that it sold its SHIB share for business reasons, it did not elaborate on why it would invest in a “scam” coin in the first place.

Shiba Inu team issues scam alert to SHIB investors

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