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60 Minutes feature on El Salvador Bitcoin Beach will air Sunday


El Salvador’s Bitcoin Beach will be featured in a new episode of 60 Minutes, the CBS news magazine that has been aired since 1968.

The investigative news show will air a feature on the crypto-friendly neighbourhood of El Zonte, a community in El Salvador, where residents and visitors have been able to use Bitcoin (BTC) to pay for everything from energy bills to tacos, according to a Friday tweet on 60 Minutes’ Twitter account. Mike Peterson, one of the persons who supported the project and urged citizens to use crypto, was interviewed by Sharyn Alfonsi, a journalist and correspondent for the show.

President Nayib Buekele first announced BTC as legal cash in El Salvador during the Bitcoin 2021 conference, and it was later adopted in September 2021. Since then, the president has purchased 1,801 BTC, worth nearly $77 million at the time of publication.

Only 14% of respondents indicated they have transacted in Bitcoin since El Salvador’s Bitcoin Law went into force, according to a study released in March by the Salvadoran Chamber of Commerce, with over 90% of businesses claiming that Bitcoin adoption had no influence on sales. The country is moving forward with the construction of Bitcoin City, a project financed with Bitcoin bonds and powered in part by geothermal energy derived from volcanoes.

The 60 Minutes broadcast will feature an exclusive interview with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy on the ground in the country’s war-torn country, in addition to reports on cryptocurrency. The Ukrainian government is still accepting crypto and fiat donations for humanitarian help and military support to combat Russian soldiers.

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