Home News 3rd-biggest whale address bought an additional 1854 BTC in two days

3rd-biggest whale address bought an additional 1854 BTC in two days


On November 16 and 17, an unknown whale purchased a total of 1,854 BTC for an average of $60,130, bringing the balance to 110,175 BTC ($6.6 billion) in two days.

Thus, on November 16, the owner of the third-largest Bitcoin (BTC) wallet bought 207 BTC at the time the price of the first cryptocurrency fell to $62,053.

In addition, the next day, the wallet added another 1,647 BTC ($98.6 million). At the time of the second purchase, the price of Bitcoin dropped to $59,888.

Bitcoin price action

Previously, the same whale purchased 4,106 BTC when Bitcoin fell to $30,000. The mysterious whale purchased 4,106 BTC at an average of $32,977 on June 21 and 23, raising the total to 115,120 BTC ($3.8 billion).

The first transactions on the wallet date back to February 2019.

In total, since the beginning of November, this wallet has acquired 3,782 BTC. At the same time, on November 9, after Bitcoin reached the level of $67,510, it withdrew 1,500 BTC ($101.266 million).

The possible owners

Among the possible owners of the wallet are Mark Zuckerberg, the founders of the Gemini crypto exchange – the Winklevoss brothers and Elon Musk.

According to venturefounder, the owner of this Bitcoin address has a large fiat wallet. The crypto enthusiast suggested that billionaires from the technological sphere like Mark Zuckerberg make purchases due to their understanding of the work of the blockchain. In order to dispose of such large sums in cash, representatives of the Forbes list must have free resources, the Twitter user explained.

Recall that at the beginning of November, Bitcoin whale holdings reached a 2021 high. The assets of investors holding more than 1000 BTC have been updated to the highest of 2021. During the week, the whales increased their stocks by a total of 142,000 BTC.

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