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2021 Blockchain Solution of The Year releases the first NFT game


The play-to-earn model has introduced gamers to an altogether new universe. One that rewards their efforts for spending time in an ecosystem. For example, in a play-to-earn model, Mario winning a race in MarioKart and defeating his opponents would earn revenue. When these winnings were traded on an exchange, they would be converted to actual money, making gaming even more rewarding. This play-to-earn notion is only conceivable because nonfungible tokens (NFTs) exist. NFTs are digital collectibles that, when used in the correct setting, allow users to engage in traditional game-like activities while earning digital prizes that can be sold for real money.

ABEYCHAIN is one of the world’s fastest-growing blockchains

However, as developers learn from previous projects, the combination of earning and gameplay is still being worked out. Puppy Planet is one of these games, combining NFT, DeFi, and GameFi platforms in a play-to-earn paradigm. That allows users to breed puppies. Axie Infinity‘s smart contract games, ABEYCHAIN’s functionality, and new ways for users to participate in the collectible NFT market are all included in this project. In practice, this ecosystem allows players to buy and trade NFT pets while playing the game. As well as use pet mining to supplement their earnings. Staking their tokens in a mining pool and earning PUP token payouts will be one of the options available to them.

Because of ABEYCHAIN, which has added over 20,000 active ABEY 2.0 addresses every week and now has over 140,000 participants on the blockchain, developers believe that combining the capacity to play and earn is possible. “ABEYCHAIN is one of the world’s fastest-growing blockchains,” says Philipp Sauerborn, the ABEY Foundation’s co-founder and director. We’re excited to welcome Pupply Planet as the first of many games released on this award-winning blockchain infrastructure.”

Following that, players will be able to trade, breed, and fight on the battlefield in the following game versions. As a result, on December 15, 2021, the canine GameFi product made available to the general public. As the first step into a larger metaverse.

The best blockchain solution of the year

ABEYCHAIN recently recognized as the Blockchain Solution of the Year at the Europe AIBC Awards for 2021, held in Malta in November.

“This victory is a huge milestone for our developers and the thousands of users who make up the ABEY ecosystem”, says Philipp Sauerborn, co-founder and director of the ABEY Foundation. This prestigious award is the result of the hard work of our ABEY team and the developers who use our blockchain to run their apps. We are dedicating our effors to expanding the ABEY ecosystem in order to provide users with the best possible solution. We owe AIBC a debt of gratitude, and its professional panel of judges has recognised our dedication.”

Puppy Planet has decided to distribute 180 million PUP tokens in response to good feedback. Half of which will be in use for in-game mining in farming or battlefield situations. The coin now listed on XSwap, an ABEYCHAIN-based decentralised exchange (DEX). This exchange allows you to swap your PUP tokens for USDT or other popular cryptocurrencies.

Once the game is available, users will be able to use their tokens to purchase NFTs and other props. In order to speed up the time it takes for their creatures to hatch.

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