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1inch Network partnership with Take My Muffin NFT series


1inch Network partnership with Take My Muffin NFT series. The 1inch Network DeFi project has agreed to cooperate with the first-ever animated NFT series Take My Muffin (TMM).

Meanwhile, the producer of the project is Pavel Muntyan, one of the founders of the ToonBoxStudio and the screenwriter of some episodes of the Russian animated web series “Mr. Freeman“.
“The plot of Take My Muffin is largely intertwined with modern technologies. Including decentralized finance (DeFi) and other blockchain solutions,” he noted.

In particular, Anton Bukov, co-founder of 1inch Network, added that the crypto-community initially supported TMM. And became the first animated series with such a funding model. The project’s non-fungible (NFT) token is available on the Rarible platform.

Take My Muffin

Take My Muffin is a multi-part animated film designed for an adult audience. The series tells about the misadventures of the amnesic unicorn Corny, who discovered a superpower in himself — to invent brilliant startups.

To regain his memory, Corny began working with a three-eyed cat-businessman Rock, who has his own views for the main character. The series unfolds in a “psychedelic version of Silicon Valley”. Where robots coexist with dragons, walking potatoes and other bizarre creatures.

TMM will premiere in the first half of 2022 on the 2×2 Russian TV channel and PREMIER streaming service. Presently, the animation show plans three seasons and 10 episodes.

1inch Network’s investment round of $2.25 billion

On the other hand, in August, the DeFi project opened an investment round with an estimate of $2.25 billion.

Sergei Kunts, the co-founder of the 1inch network, currently said that the final amount may differ from the stated amount. Moreover, negotiations are continuing.

In fact, the project attracts venture capital outside the cryptocurrency industry and from the field of traditional finance. Previously, potential investors bought 1INCH tokens at a price of $ 1.5 with a 57% discount to the current price of $3.5 (according to CoinGecko). Additionally, they will receive 1INCH from the development fund, separate from those that are at the disposal of the team and early investors, which will unlock in December.

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